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Crowns (Caps)

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that that is fit over teeth. These caps are generally made of porcelain or ceramic. Patients receive dental crowns when they are experiencing destroyed, decayed, or fractured teeth that cannot be restored with a filling or the tooth has had a root canal. Crowns decrease physical discomfort in teeth, look completely natural, and offer extra support to those teeth that are weak or damaged.

Crowns can also vastly improve the overall appearance of your smile and make your teeth much more durable. Cosmetic crowns offer all of the protection of a crown with the added benefit of a more natural presentation.

Types of Crowns:

EMAX and LAVA crowns use a technology that achieves a natural look. Gold crowns are particularly suited to cases where patients have a tight bite or clench because gold will more readily endure these conditions. The doctors at Olive Dental Group will assess your individual situation and propose the best solution for your needs and desired smile.


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