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Getting To The Root Of It: What You Need To Know About Root Canals

Getting To The Root Of It: What You Need To Know About Root Canals Huntington Beach

If you’ve just been told you need a root canal, don’t be afraid! You’re not alone in needing a bit of help. Every year, Surf City dentist, Olive Dental Group, treats and saves teeth with root canals, or endodontic treatments. While many patients fear hearing the dreaded words “root canal,” the truth of the matter is this: Root canals are a good thing. They can help relieve your tooth pain, which is definitely something to smile about!

When Would I Need A Root Canal?

Root canal treatment is necessary when the pulp inside your mouth becomes inflamed, infected, or diseased. Pulp is the soft tissue inside your teeth that contains blood vessels, nerves, and connected tissues. It helps to grow the root of your tooth during development. A fully developed tooth doesn’t need the pulp to survive, which is why it’s okay to remove it in the case of disease or infection. Infected pulp could be the result of a cracked or broken tooth, a deep cavity, injury to the tooth, or repeated dental procedures.

What Happens During A Root Canal?

During root canal treatment, we simply remove the infected pulp and then clean the pulp chamber and root canals of your tooth before sealing them so they can heal. Modern root canal treatment is comparable to a routine filling as it can typically be completed in one or two appointments, depending on the circumstances. If you’re concerned about pain, root canals are relatively simple procedures with little or no discomfort. Root canals are most often completed in a single appointment.

How Can A Root Canal Help Me?

If infected pulp is not removed and root canal treatment is avoided, you may experience even greater pain and swelling, and your tooth may have to be removed. At Olive Dental Group, we always recommend getting a professional opinion when tooth pain becomes evident. Once the root canal treatment is complete, your restored tooth could last a lifetime with proper care.

Even after a root canal is completed, regular checkups are still necessary. A tooth without its nerve is still able to develop cavities or gum disease, so make sure you’re practicing excellent oral hygiene and visiting us every six months.

From surfers to CEOs, we’ve restored many smiles. If it’s time for your regular check-up, you can schedule an appointment with Olive Dental Group here.

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