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Itero® Intraoral Digital Scanner in Huntington Beach, CA

iTero® Intraoral Digital Scanner

Itero® Intraoral Digital Scanner

Huntington Beach Itero® Intraoral Digital Scanner at Orange Dental

Step into the world of modern orthodontics and smart technology, where intraoral scanning reigns supreme. Amongst the array of scanners, iTero's precision and comfort stand out, transforming your orthodontic journey into an immersive, detail-rich experience. Experience the power of innovation at Orange Dental and unveil your perfect smile with the iTero scanner.

The Zenith of 3D Scanners

What is the Itero® Intraoral Digital Scanner?

Intraoral scanners utilize a specially designed wand, effortlessly gliding through a patient's oral cavity. This wand is a marvel, capturing thousands of frames each second. These frames seamlessly amalgamate to form an intricate three-dimensional representation of the patient's mouth.

At Orange Dental, we employ the state-of-the-art iTero IntraOral camera, a pinnacle of imaging technology. With unparalleled precision, this camera captures detailed images of your teeth, gums, and bone structure, enabling us to diagnose treatments with unmatched accuracy. The resulting images surpass the clarity of traditional X-rays, instrumental in determining the perfect fit for a range of treatments, including crowns, bridges, Invisalign, and beyond.

A Comprehensive Approach

What are the benefits of the Itero® Intraoral Digital Scanner?

Tero scanners boast a laser-equipped wand that crafts a precise digital 3D impression of your mouth. Smaller wand size enhances maneuverability, while real-time simulations empower patients with active participation in their treatment planning. This approach translates to reduced time and discomfort compared to traditional bitewing X-rays.

Moreover, these images can be conveniently printed for comprehensive review by specialists, laboratories, or insurance entities. The iTero-Invisalign integration offers a dual advantage: Outcome Simulation and Invisalign Progress Assessment (IPA). Witness your scan come to life in real time, visualize final results, and actively shape corrections. IPA ensures optimal alignment progress, leading to the finest results. Intraoral scanning knows no boundaries. From teenagers seeking discreet treatment to sports enthusiasts needing flexible mouthguards, and even public speakers, iTero scanners cater to all. Beyond teeth alignment, they serve vital roles in denture creation, dental crown customization, oral surgery planning, and precise dental records.

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