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Periodontics in Huntington Beach

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Huntington Beach Periodontics at Olive Dental Group

Since founding our practice in 1990, we have worked ceaselessly to assemble the most highly qualified, driven, and compassionate team of dental professionals to serve the needs of all our patients—from very young children to older adults—in our welcoming and state-of-the-art practice. Maintaining gum health is an essential aspect of dental care, which is why we employ deep knowledge of periodontics to offer therapeutic treatments to restore your gum, tooth, and whole-mouth health.

Whole-Mouth Vitality

What is Periodontics?

Periodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry focused on diagnosing, preventing, and treating conditions that impact the gums and supporting structures of the teeth. These structures, collectively known as the periodontium, play a vital role in dental health. Periodontal treatments address issues like gum diseases (gingivitis and periodontitis) that can lead to gum inflammation and bone damage. We also perform procedures like scaling and root planing to clean tooth roots, gum grafting to address receding gums, and dental implant placement. Effective periodontal care and proper oral hygiene are essential for preserving the health of the gums and supporting bone, contributing to overall oral well-being.

Healthy Gums for Life

What are the benefits of Periodontics?

Opting for a dentist specializing in periodontic care offers distinct advantages. Our dental team possesses advanced knowledge and skills targeted at treating issues in the gums and supporting tissues. We take a tailored approach that accounts for individual health factors, ensuring personalized treatment plans. By emphasizing long-term maintenance strategies, we help you sustain optimal gum health, enhancing your oral aesthetics and function and contributing significantly to your overall well-being.

Periodontics in Huntington Beach - Gum Therapy

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Your Periodontics Consultation

Our dentists bring extensive experience, a commitment to ongoing education, and a passion for building nurturing relationships to their patients at Olive Dental Group. Their wide-ranging expertise, coupled with the services of our well-orchestrated support team, provides for all of your dental needs in one practice, including therapies to improve the health of your gums and restore the foundation of your most confident smile. Schedule your Huntington Beach periodontics consultation today to receive highly individualized diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing care for your gums and teeth.

Advanced Techniques

Your Periodontics Procedure

We specialize in several periodontal procedures to address common gum concerns. Some of the most common procedures are outlined below to help you understand the range of care available to support better gum health.

Dental Implants

We offer dental implants to replace single or multiple missing teeth or for full smile restoration. These titanium posts are grafted directly into the jawbone, where they are integrated into the bony tissue in a process called osseointegration, providing a permanent anchor for a dental prosthesis like a crown or permanent bridge. We also offer therapeutic treatments to improve the health of your gums and jawbone density for those who need to take these steps prior to having implants placed.

Scaling and Root Planing

In this treatment, your dentist deep cleans the surfaces of the teeth’s roots to get rid of plaque and tartar buildup, addressing early stages of gum disease like gingivitis and improving gum health.

Gum Grafting

Also known as a gingival graft, this procedure involves transplanting gum tissue from one area to another to cover exposed tooth roots due to gum recession, improve aesthetics, and reduce sensitivity.

Crown Lengthening

Sometimes, a tooth needs a crown but has insufficient exposed structure on which to cement the restoration. In these cases, crown lengthening may be performed, reshaping the gum and bone to expose more of the natural tooth.

Pocket Reduction Surgery

For advanced gum disease (periodontitis), this surgical procedure reduces the depth of pockets between the teeth and gums, allowing for better cleaning and improved gum health.

Bone Grafting

This procedure involves adding bone or bone-like materials to areas with bone loss to help regenerate bone tissue, supporting tooth stability and possible future implant placement.

Osseous Surgery

Also called flap surgery, it involves removing tartar deposits and reshaping damaged bone around the teeth to promote healthier gums and bone support.

Cosmetic Gum Procedures

These procedures can correct issues like a "gummy smile" or uneven gum line, enhancing the aesthetics of the smile.

Your Partners in Gum Care

Periodontal Recovery and Aftercare

After undergoing periodontal treatments, nurturing healthy gums requires consistent and diligent ongoing care. Regular dental visits are crucial for monitoring the condition of your gums and receiving professional cleanings. A thorough oral hygiene routine is essential, including brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and daily flossing to remove plaque and prevent tartar buildup. Antimicrobial or prescription mouthwashes may be recommended to control bacteria. Avoiding tobacco products and adopting a balanced diet high in nutrients supports gum health. Monitoring any changes in gum appearance, sensitivity, or bleeding is important to catch potential issues early. Effective ongoing care, in collaboration with your periodontist and dentist, ensures the long-term success of periodontal treatments and maintains optimal gum health.

A Resilient Foundation

Periodontics Results

Good periodontal care can yield significant improvements in gum problems and general oral health. With proper periodontal care, gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis can be effectively managed, reducing inflammation, preventing further damage, and preserving the supportive structures of teeth. Diligent periodontal care leads to healthier gums, reduced risk of tooth loss, improved oral hygiene practices, and enhanced self-confidence due to an improved smile and optimal oral health. It's important to maintain regular follow-ups and adhere to recommended oral hygiene routines to ensure the lasting benefits of good periodontal care.

Periodontics Frequently Asked Questions

Poor gum health, often linked to gum disease, has been associated with systemic issues like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and respiratory problems. Inflammation and bacteria from the mouth can enter the bloodstream, potentially affecting various organs. Gum disease has also been linked to complications in pregnancy and may impact immune function. Maintaining healthy gums through proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits can contribute to better overall health and reduce the risk of systemic health concerns.

Gum disease in its early stage (gingivitis) is reversible with proper care and oral hygiene. Regular dental cleanings, brushing, and flossing can treat inflamed gums. However, advanced gum disease (periodontitis) can cause irreversible damage like bone loss. Though not reversible, it can be managed with treatments like scaling, root planing, and surgery. Early detection, routine dental check-ups, and consistent oral care are crucial to preventing irreversible consequences and maintaining gum health.

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