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How to Encourage Your Child to Brush and Floss at Home

Getting your child to practice proper oral hygiene can be a challenge. It can be a burden to them, but it is also vital for their teeth and gums. Nagging your kids can be tiring, so we’ve come up with some simple ways to encourage your kids to brush and floss at home.

Be a role model: If your child is learning about brushing and flossing from you, it’s important you practice proper oral hygiene habits for your child to mirror. Try brushing and flossing teeth together as a family!
Make it fun: Singing songs or being silly can make brushing and flossing at the end or beginning of the day more fun for you and your child. If your child enjoys practicing good oral hygiene, they are more likely to keep the habit going.
The earlier the better: The earlier you begin teaching your child the importance of oral health, the faster those lessons become a habit. By teaching good oral hygiene practices at an earlier age, your child is more likely to keep up the practice later on.
Use incentives: You can motivate your child by giving them rewards when they finish brushing and flossing. Try using a rewards chart where your child can keep track of their oral hygiene routine and earn a prize for continually brushing and flossing.
Add some color and flavor: Colorful toothbrushes and flavored dental floss can make brushing and flossing a lot more exciting and can make kids look forward to cleaning their teeth and gums at the beginning and end of day.
Make it educational: Simply reminding your kids about the importance of brushing and flossing and how it contributes to oral health is just as important as making the routine fun. Giving you child step by step instructions or educating them about cavities and plaque are good ways to instill good habits.
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