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When Should Your Child See an Orthodontist?

When it comes to pediatric dental care, preventive treatment is key. One such way to be proactive with our child’s oral health is to set up a consultation with an orthodontist. An orthodontist can target problem areas early on and perform treatment that eliminates dental concerns in the future. But how do you know when it’s time for your child to visit the orthodontist? Keep reading and find out!
Start at age 7: If, so far, you have noticed nothing amiss with your child’s teeth, it’s best to have them visit an orthodontist by the time they turn 7 years old. Most problems can be identified by that age and an appropriate treatment plan can be created.
Keep track of the teeth that fall out: Baby teeth typically fall out in a certain order, so any deviations should be kept track of. Teeth falling out in a non-traditional order could be a sign of an orthodontic issue in the future.
Count the number of teeth that grow in: Permanent teeth will begin to erupt at a certain age. Six-year molars should develop by the age of six, for instance. If certain teeth are not growing in according to their traditional timeline, you should schedule a visit to the orthodontist.
Check for crowding and spacing: Once permanent teeth begin to grow in, you will begin to notice whether the teeth are becoming crowded or spaced too far apart. Crowding and spacing issues are harder to clean, and by straightening the teeth, your child’s oral health can improve.
Assess teeth alignment or bite position: Crooked teeth or over, under, and crossbites have poor effects on oral health and have costly social implications. Scheduling an orthodontic visit early can take care of cosmetic dental issues and increase the chances of a healthy smile.
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